Mírné svařování ocelových
Mild svejsning ståltråd
Milde stalen lasdraad
Mild steel welding wire
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Milde Stahl Schweißdraht
Mite filo d
Milde sveising stålwire
Arame aço leve
Uşoară sârmă din oţel de sudare
Мягкая проволока стальная сварочная
Alambre de soldadura acero templado
Milda stål svetstråd
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Welding material

Mild steel welding wire

Mild steel welding wire Mild steel welding wire Mild steel welding wire

Type: Mild steel welding wire
Diameters: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm, 1.6mm, etc.
Melting Point: 2000
Weight: 20kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Mild steel welding wire is machined to the discoid or rod-like shape for supplying by some certain methods. It is applied as the welding method such as tungsten arc inert-gas welding (TIG), and shielded metal arc welding (GMAW). We adopt the advanced copper facing technology to carry out anti-corrosive treatment on welding wires, which ensures the welding wire stored longer and no rust in dry and ventilated environments. But welding wire is apt to accelerate rustiness in adverse circumstances without strict management control in storage and usage process, which impacts the welding procedure and mechanical property.

Therefore, please pay attention to the following cautions in using and storage:

1. Welding wires stored in warehouses should be under dry and ventilated conditions (suggestion: warehouses temperature is 10~40oC, maximal relative humidity is 60%); avoiding moistness, decline liquids such as water, acid, alkali and the volatile and corrosive matters, what is more, it is unsuitable to store the welding wires in the warehouse where these matters coexist in ;

2. Welding wire should be put on wooden pallets, metal or wooden shelves, and should not be put directly on the floor or tightly oppressed to the wall (the distance from welding wire to the floor or the wall is at least 250mm);

3. Do not break or lose the antirust package when storing or transporting welding wires, especially the inner packages such as antirust papers and plastic bags;

4. Make sure to use up the welding wire after sealed off as soon as possible (within two days). Once bright welding wires expose in the open air directly, antirust time will greatly be reduced (especially in moist and corrosive environments);

5. Hand out welding wire according to the principle of “first-in first-out” in order to shorten the stock period if possible;  

6. Store welding wires according to the category and specification, avoiding misuses.

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