Měděné slitiny svařovací drát
Kobber legeret svejsning wire
Koper legering lasdraad
Copper alloy welding wire
Alliage de cuivre fils à souder
Kupferlegierung Schweißdraht
Lega di saldatura a filo di rame
Kobber legering sveising ledning
Arame de ligas de cobre
Aliaj de cupru Electrode speciale
Медный сплав, сварочная проволока
Alambre de soldadura de aleación de cobre
Kopparlegering svetstråd
Bakır alaşımlı kaynaklı tek
Welding material

Copper alloy welding wire

Copper alloy welding wire Copper alloy welding wire Copper alloy welding wire

Type: Brass Wire
Wire Gauge: 0.8-6.0
Cu (Min): 60%
Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa): 300
Material: Copper / Copper Alloy

Copper and copper alloy welding wire is widely used due to its excellent corrosion resistance and wearing resistance. Compared with the steel, however, copper and copper alloy is more difficult to be welded. It is prone to cause some disadvantages easily such as metal oxidation, metallic element evaporation, fumaroles, cracks and deformation. Therefore, cares should be taken in the following conditions:

1: It is prone to create big shrinkage stress when freezing due to its high coefficient of heat expansion, which leads to cracks and deformations. Therefore, the fit-up gap must be broad and the groove angle must be large. Moreover, welding wire should be cleaned before welding in order to remove the edge oxide, grease and other sewage.

2: Owing to the extreme high heat conductivity of copper and copper alloy, preheating and large current in welding are needed.

3: Prevent the copper poisoning during welding.

4: The crystal grains of copper and copper alloy are coarse after crystallization. In order to ensure the welding quality, it is necessary to thresh the welded seam with hammers after welding to reduce the stress and refine grains.

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