Slitina niklu svařovací drát
Nikkel legeret svejsning wire
Nikkellegeringen lasdraad
Nickel alloy welding wire
Alliage de nickel, fil de soudage.
Nickel-Legierung Schweißdraht
Saldatura a filo di leghe di nichel
Nikkel Legeringen sveising ledning
Ligas de níquel arame
Aliaje de nichel Electrode speciale
Сплав никеля, сварочная проволока
Alambre de soldadura de aleación de níquel
Nickel legering svetstråd
Nikel alaşım kaynaklı tek
Welding material

Nickel alloy welding wire

Nickel alloy welding wire Nickel alloy welding wire Nickel alloy welding wire

A nickel based alloy is a primarily an alloy whose chief constituent is nickel. Nickel based alloys are of vital importance to industry due to their ability to withstand a variety of severe operating conditions that involves high stresses, corrosive environment, high temperatures and other combinations thereof. Nickel based alloys act as the best defense against abrasion, corrosion along with high temperatures.

It is mainly used in welding nickel and nickel alloys and it is also used in dissimilar metals for welding. Care should be taken during welding:
1. Due to its poor thermal conductivity and easy overheating that leads to the grain growth during welding, choosing the lower welding electric current when welding.

2. Nickel is very easy to brittle by sulfur and leading to form hot cracks. It is essential to control the contents of sulfur, lead and other elements strictly, and make good clearances to get rid of the oil, paint, dust and other dirty things on the surface of baseplates before welding.

3. Owing to its strong gas porosity sensitivity,it is good to contain some deoxidizers such as lead, manganese, and magnesium in the wire. The length of electric arc should be controlled when welding.

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