Doplněk ALUMINUM alloy svařovací drát
Aluminum alloy svejsning wire
Aluminiumlegering lasdraad
Aluminum alloy welding wire
Alliage d
Aluminium-Legierung Schweißdraht
Lega di alluminio, filo di saldatura
Aluminiums legering sveising ledning
Arame de ligas de alumínio
Aliaj de aluminiu Electrode speciale
Алюминиевого сплава, сварочная проволока
Alambre de soldadura de aleación de aluminio
Aluminiumlegering svetstråd
Tel kaynak alüminyum alaşım
Welding material

Aluminum alloy welding wire

Aluminum alloy welding wire Aluminum alloy welding wire Aluminum alloy welding wire

The aluminum and aluminum alloy welding wire can be applied for the MIG or the TIG welding with bobbin or longitudinal cut. It contains pure aluminum, aluminum-silicon and aluminum-magnesium welding wire according to the components. It is machined by some certain methods to the discoid (scroll) or rod-like (banding) shape, applying broadly to welding industry such as architecture, decoration, equipment, metallurgy, pipeline, spinning appliance, boat and ship , borehole equipment, train, automobile, storage tank and pressure container.

Cares should be taken in use as follows:
1. After sealed off, the product can be welded directly within valid periods without any fore treatment. The product can be preserved 2 years under factory-package hermetic sealing condition, and it can be guaranteed the quality for 3 months under the general atmosphere after sealed off;

2. The product should be put in the place which is ventilated, dry and no medium such as acid, alkali, and oil;

3. The product should be kept out of bumping and wetting in transportation in order to avoid damaging welding wire plates and affecting welding wires;

4. It is propositional to put appropriate dust prevention covers on the welding wire after sealed off;

5. The surface cleaning is suggested before welding if the retention period exceeded;

6. Take care of your eyes, avoiding electric arc stimulation during welding.

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