Welding is the process of uniting two metal parts by melting the materials at their interface so that they will bond together. A filler material is typically used to join the two parts together. The parts being joined are referred to as base metal and the filler is referred to as weld metal. Since structural welding is typically done by an electrical arc process, the weld metal is typically supplied via weld electrodes, sometimes known as welding rods.

Marketable products
Silver tungsten material
Silver tungsten materials are used in industrial and domestic circuit breaker applications where good weld and erosion resistance is important. Various grades are available: - the higher silver grades have higher conductivity, and the higher tungsten grades have greater erosion and weld resistance.
Silver tungsten electrode
Composition: W 30%-80%, Ag 20%-70%
Density: 11.75-16.10 g/cm3
Under the relative intensity conditions, silver-tungsten performs exceptionally good electrical conductivity and stability in comparison with the super-hard metal such as tungsten-steel etc. it can also keep fine acute angle, it has the better performance than copper-tungsten in aspects of loss.
Copper tungsten material
Copper tungsten alloy product is a sintered copper-tungsten material manufactured by powder metallurgy. It forms dense composite offering hardness, wear resistance and a high softening temperature of tungsten combined with the good electrical conductivity of copper.
Copper tungsten rod
1, Diameter: 1.5-100.0mm
2, Length: 50-1000mm
3, Density: 12.60-17.05 g/cm3
4, Composition: W 55-90%, Cu 10-45%
5, Surface: Sintering surface, Forged surface, Ground surface
Copper tungsten heat sink
Tungsten copper heat sink is a composite of tungsten and copper. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the composite can be designed by controlling the content of tungsten, matching that of the materials, such as Ceramics (Al2O3, BeO), Semiconductors (Si), Metals (Kovar), etc. The products are widely application in the fields such as radio frequency, microwave, high power diode packaging and optical communication system.
Thoriated tungsten electrode
Model Number: WT10, WT20, WT30, WT40
Diameters: 1.0mm-10.0mm
Length: 150mm, 175mm
Property: Easy to get up the arc, in the welding process unceasingly arches.
Tungsten electrode material
1, Diameters: 1.0mm-10.0mm
2, Length: 150mm, 175mm
3, We also accept orders of special specification Tungsten electrode.
Tungsten electrode product is the traditional and advantages product in our Factory. In recent years, the factory began to the tungsten electrode product research and development
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